January 13th – Sacramento, California

Last night we played our first show of the tour and holy shit, we had no idea what we were in for. The crowd, the energy, the good vibrations–we were on top of the world.

We arrived at the Ace of Spades in Sacramento and we were blown away by the line of Marianas Trench fans wrapping around the corner. Our only thought was man we really have to bring it tonight. But truth be told, that’s how we go into every show that we play. Even if we are just playing to our friends in a small, underground New York bar, we aim to absolutely destroy the place. That is simply what we do.

Our view from the stage during soundcheck

The stakes grew even higher though as we walked in to the soundcheck for Marianas Trench. These guys are fucking beasts, man. They rip their guitars like Eddie Van Halen and their vocal harmonies sound like goddamn angels. And on top of all of that, Josh unapologetically grips your attention with his performance. We have a lot to learn from these dudes.

Mariana’s Trench soundchecking

One of my favorite parts of touring is watching the headlining acts perform. There’s nothing better than loosening your tie after work and kicking back with a cold beer, and that’s exactly what I do after we play (without the tie of course, but who knows maybe ties are in our near future). After our set we cracked a beer with our legendary friend and radio extraordinaire, Billy Burrs, before Marianas Trench took the stage.   I sat and watched them slay the stage from the vista of a spiral staircase on leading up to our greenroom.

Shirtless Josh

Shortly before their last song, Josh raised a toast to us, their new friends on the road, for the start of a totally kick ass tour. He looked up to where I was sitting and gave me a nod and I raised my semi-warm can of PBR, toasting from afar.

What a fucking awesome night.

A fan had us sign his speeding ticket

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