January 15th – Los Angeles, California



Alright, so I know I’m a day behind on this whole tour diary thing, but cut me some slack. We’ve been busy dudes!

We spent most of Thursdays cooped up in the van. The drive from Berkeley to Los Angeles was long, but scenic and a bit nostalgic for me. I grew up in southern California, so long drives through the desert bring back memories of road tripping with my parents and blasting Fleetwood Mac with the windows down. It’s funny, I used to hate driving through the desert when I was a kid. I think it was the monotony of the landscape, that cactus that looks just like the one you saw two miles back. But now I find the desert to have a comforting energy. It’s vast and tranquil. I’m an idiot for typing this tour diary right now when I should be looking out the window and absorbing the scenery, but someone’s gotta do it and that someone is me, your humble narrator.

We are 30 miles from Barstow, blazing toward Vegas on the 15, and we are mostly riding in silence. By silence I mean resting our voices. We are listening to Metallica. Life is good. I’m sitting shotgun and Riley, our new Tour Manager, is manning the wheel. Riley is a rad dude and we are happy to have him along for the ride. He also has tattoos than Joey and I combined.  Riley is taking over for our beloved Jessica, who unfortunately had to leave the tour after the death of a friend. She is taking some time for herself and we miss the shit out of her already.


It’s nice to have some down time after yesterday. We basically flew by the seat of our pants the entire day, starting off the morning with a live session and interview at Yahoo, followed by load-in and soundcheck at the Troubador. Last nights show was a special one for us because we had family in town. Jordan’s mom flew in for the show and his girlfriend, Aza, was there supporting him as well. My parents drove up from San Diego and Corey’s sister drove down from Santa Barbara. We had friends from 300 Entertainment there along with our manager, Ari, and our publicist, Lily. The pressure was on, and I feel like we delivered a great show. If Ari was pleased with us, we must have done something right. To top it all off, our friends Johnny (from Highly Suspect) and Adam (from ASTR) showed up and had a couple drinks with us. Everyone met my parents. It was rad. A total homecoming for us.


As we speed towards Vegas, we are venturing into uncharted territory for the four of us. We live for this shit. Wish me luck tonight, I’m going to play some slots and hopefully recoup our record advance with the jackpot.



FullSizeRender (1)

Featured photo by Anna Lee        



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