January 17th – Tempe, Arizona


Sorry guys, I know it’s been a couple days, but it ain’t my fault! We’ve been dealing with some shit, and I assure you all is well. Our van, Bertha, crapped out on us in El Paso, and after a few moments of distress (just kidding, we were cool as cacti), Riley sent us off with everything we could carry on our backs (just kidding, we stuffed everything into a soccer mom van) to Dallas, where we arrived just in time for load-in and soundcheck.

Warming up backstage

Let me backpedal a bit, since we’ve been out of touch for so long. On Sunday we booked it south, from Vegas to Tempe, Arizona, with empty pockets, but high spirits. The stretch was a mere five hours, short and sweet, compared to what we would later have to endure. We got to the Marquee Theater in Tempe, unloaded, and then had a fun little photoshoot on the riverfront by the venue.


The show was phenomenal, and we signed more of our merchandise than ever before. It felt crazy. I signed like three different pairs of sneakers. They didn’t even take their shoes off, I just signed them, foot in shoe and everything. I signed a fanny pack, which was cool, and Corey and I both signed a Misfits backpack. We each quoted our favorite Misfits lyrics alongside our signatures. We left Tempe and headed for Tucson that night. The drive from Tucson to Dallas is a long one, and we had plans to stop at Las Cruces, New Mexico along the way for another photoshoot. We got to our motel, crawled into our beds, and rested for the long road ahead.


AnnaLeeMedia-20160117-0387 (1)

All photos by Anna Lee



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