January 26th-February 2nd – Charleston, SC – Boston, MA

We began our journey back up the East Coast with a night off in Savannah, Georgia. My night was relatively uneventful: I ate a million buffalo wings and did laundry. Joey and Jordan had a way cooler night than I. They took an uber to the heart of Savannah, a place they described to me as “beautiful and spooky” and had a drink with their uber driver. I wasn’t aware that it was kosher to drink on the job as an uber driver, but go figure.


We woke up before the sun rose to perform Outcast on a local ABC news channel in Charleston. In case you didn’t know, I am NOT a morning person. This is something I wish to change about my life as I grow older, because the early bird gets the worm or whatever. I have to say, I haven’t seen anything in the five weeks we have been on the road as beautiful as the foggy sunrise over Savannah. It was indeed spooky, and incredibly peaceful, and made waking up at an ungodly hour absolutely worth the yawns.


The only scenery that came anywhere close to the beauty of the Savannah sunrise was the New York City skyline a few days later. It had been three weeks since I had been in New York. For Jordan, it had been almost two months. It also goes without saying that I was incredibly excited to see my girlfriend and our puppy, Bowie, that I hadn’t even met yet! Bowie playfully approached me as soon as I walked in the door and I immediately fell in love (shut up, I know it sounds cheesy and cliché). Taylor was sound asleep in bed.


The next day we all met early and did this thing for Music Choice where we wore those clip-on microphone things you see in reality tv and they followed us around as we showed them our usual haunts of the Lower East Side. We wrapped with them and picked up Taylor so she could come see the show that night at the Paramount in Long Island. We played a kick ass show and Lallie from 300 set up this cool photo booth thing with all of these props that would eventually end up being used for a stop-motion video to accompany Fading Friends. We drove back to NYC that night to drop Taylor off before driving halfway to Portland. I was sad I had to say my goodbye’s to Taylor and our pup, but I was also excited to start the second leg of this tour, as I sort of considered our night at home the halfway point.

TRENCHLAND0D176.jpgPortland was cold as hell, which should not have surprised me, but I always err on the side of wishful thinking. Burlington was great. We love the big venue there, Higher Ground, where we played a few months back with X-Ambassadors. The real highlight of the Northeast for us was undoubtedly Boston. The House of Blues in Boston is MASSIVE, maybe one of the biggest venues we have played as a band and the crowd was amazing and very receptive. The best part though was walking off stage and finding Alex and Sam from Magic Man in our greenroom. We hung out with them for the rest of the night, talking shop and trading off buying each other rounds at the bar. One of the benefits of touring is making new friends in each city, and it is so cool to realize that every time we hit a city again we have more friends there than the last time. I mean, that’s what this is all about right? This crazy life we live as touring musicians. It’s all about having fun, playing the music you love and have put your life on the line for, and making new friends along the way.


All photos by CJ Moy




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